Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

All of IW’s coaxial cables are available as finished assemblies, including partially terminated cables, fully terminated, plus phase or time delay and offset matched sets.

With a wide range of interconnect products available, we’re able to offer custom cable assembly lengths from a few inches to 100ft and above to suit your application. We offer a variety of connectors including SMA, TNCA, N-type, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 1.85mm in straight, right angle, male and female, with bulkhead and four-hole flange mounting options available on some designs. All connectors are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-39012 with interfaces compliant to MIL-STD-348. Our stainless steel designs ensure performance to 18 GHz for SMA, TNCA, and N-type, with right angle parts using swept center contacts to ensure optimum performance.

For high power applications, C, SC, 7/16, 1 5/8 and 3 1/18 EIA flanges are available for larger diameter cables (280, 480, 750 series), designed to ensure reliability in terms of power handling and heat transfer for continuous wave applications.

At millimeter wave, our smaller diameter cables (125, 115, 0471, 0341) have been developed to be compatible with industry standard connectors including most push-on interface styles, in addition to high frequency threaded types, with IW now offering cable assemblies that provide performance to 110 GHz.

Optional Protection

Microwave transmission lines are quite often exposed to a wide range of hostile environments. These may include extreme temperature, abrasion, comprehensive forces, high pressure fluids, solvents, chemicals, salt water, UV, vibration, and mechanical stress, just to name a few.

Our standard option is an internally ruggedization layer which comprises a steel wire helically wrapped over the coaxial cable, this is identified as ‘03’ option for solid center conductor cables, and ‘08’ for stranded center conductor.

In addition to our internally ruggedized cables, IW has a wide range of materials and processes designed to protect the integrity of our cable assemblies. These include a variety of metallic and non-metallic external sheaths to address your specific application.

  • ZEL     Tefzel Jacket
  • LC        Low Smoke/ Zero Halogen Polyurethane
  • NX       Fire resistant NOMEX* braid *Nomex is a registered trademark of theDuPont Corporation
  • A           Interlocked stainless steel armor, crush resistant up to 400 lbs per linear inch
  • N           Neoprene weather proof jacket
  • ALC      Armor with extruded Polyurethane jacket